When designing our groundbreaking Ssmart series, we were determined to create a watch that’s as simple to use as it’s stylish to look at.
Our growing army of wearers worldwide tells us we succeeded beautifully.

Introducing the World’s First Sports Smartwatch – Ssmart

Effortlessly Sporty, Incredibly Stylish


Imagine a watch that not only let you download sports profiles and communicate your latest sports data via your mobile phone but also looked great with your most casual or formal clothes! Imagine Ssmart - a world first that is not only effortlessly sporty but also incredibly stylish. 

Ssmart isn’t Another Smartwatch,It’s the World’s First Ever SPORTS SMARTWATCH.

Offering effortless BT4.0 connectivity to sports profiles and essential updates such as weather and health via smartphones and other mobile devices, there's no simpler, more stylish watch than an Ssmart Adventurer or Ssmart Trainer.  

In addition to enabling simpler management, tracking, storing and sharing of sports data, they incorporate powerful built-in motion, barometer* and altimeter* sensors plus a variety of invaluable sports accessories for various activities. Best of all, Ssmart watches are so stylishly designed, they'll turn heads as quickly across the boardroom table as they do when you bench press.

* Ssmart Adventurer only

Ssmart isn’t just Sports Smartwatch,It’s An EVERYDAY FASHION WATCH

With the Michael Young-designed Ssmart, just one watch is all you need for days at the office, nights on the town and during your regular work outs.
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